Live Longer and Happier With a Detox Lifestyle

Body detoxification and intestinal cleansing have become essential ingredients of a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, proper weight management and disease prevention. Our modern-day life and the mounting cost of health care necessitates that more than ever.  Most of us are exposed to hundreds of chemical substances every day. That, combined with poor choices in diet, lack of exercise, lean nutrition and lack of water causes our livers to get congested with its detoxification functionThe result is fatigue, depression, sluggishness, poor complexion and a vulnerable immune system, which then makes us sensitive to to many types of disease and possibly even cancer.Body detox and intestinal cleansing are most known as seasonal actions, performed a few times a year for 3 or 5 or 7 days, and then it’s complete. We then slip slowly back into our normal diet and lifestyle, and soon after, it’s time for another detox.Although the seasonal body detox is a smart lifestyle choice that should be followed by most all of us, more important is cleaning up our daily routine. A better idea than the seasonal body detox program is a detox lifestyle, where you preclude as much as possible the need for a serious detox program. Here are some great ideas for creating a detox lifestyle for yourself:Keep fresh fruit washed and ready to eat. Arrange it in a bowl in your kitchen. Instead of getting a treat from the cupboard when you need a quick bite, pick up a piece of fruit instead. Fresh fruit is low in calories, naturally hydrating, packed with nutrients and enzymes, and naturally cleansing. A general rule: the more sweet the fruit, the more calories and energy it will provide, the more tart the fruit, the more cleansing it will be. If it’s available, get organic fruit.Dry skin brush a few times a week. Purchase a medium soft natural fiber brush (you’ll see them where stores sell loofahs). Brush your entire body, feet and legs first, buttocks and torso, then hands and arms. Avoid delicate skin. Take a couple of minutes to do this before your shower. You’ll give your skin a good little detox and energize your body in addition.Drink fresh lemon squeezed into hot water first thing in the morning. Your liver will benefit from it and it may also stimulate your colon. Heat some water, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and sweeten with some honey or maple syrup. It is a great little mini-cleanse before you start your day.Learn the difference between real natural and fake natural. The fake natural foods and ingredients are fairly easy to spot: we’re all more aware of the growing variety of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and such that are in our food. Thanks to industry regulation, ingredients must be printed on every package of a consumable food or drink. Chances are, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you shouldn’t be eating or drinking it. More difficult to spot are the “natural” foods that are laboratory modifications of a natural substance. The sugar substitute Splenda is an example of a fake natural. Though it is, indeed, made from real sugar, by the time Splenda makes it into those tiny yellow packets, it’s been through so much chemical processing, it has become unrecognizable to the body as food. It might as well be plastic.Treat yourself to a big, extravagant salad several times a week. Start with a bed of greens (a blend of the darker greens is best, include chard, romaine, spinach, even a few snips of parsley). Add at least 10 additional raw vegetables, chopped or grated. Go for bright color vegetables. These pack the most nutrients and phytochemicals. Red cabbage, carrot, radish, yellow bell pepper,… you get the idea. Be creative and make it an enjoyable. You can invite girlfriends for a potluck salad bar, or go out to one of your favorite salad bar restaurants. Skip the cheese, and choose an olive oil based dressing.If nothing else, drink more water. If you do nothing else for your health and vitality, drink more pure water, unsweetened and fresh. At minimum, drink 3 quarts a day. Other drinks do not count as your daily water requirement. There is one exception: decaffeinated herbal tea.Bottom line, it is how you live your life day to day that really shapes the contours of your physical health and quality of life. Longevity and happiness are associated with a life of healthy habits. Make a commitment to trading in your bad habits with good habits, and at least once a year, add a few more good habits. You’ll live longer, stay healthier, keep trim and fit, and probably become a shining inspiration to those you know.

You Can Pay Me Now Or Pay Me Later – Home Repair Advice

I don’t have to drive far to find problems with people’s homes. I live in an area where the homes were built in the 1950s and I don’t even have to cross the street. There are plenty of homes within my neighborhood that are suffering from structural issues, expansive soil problems and of course normal wear and tear.I understand that most people don’t have the money to maintain their homes on an annual basis, but I’m here to tell you that that’s a mistake. You have got to maintain your house so that the damage doesn’t get out of hand.Here is an example of what I’m talking about, you have a small roof leak and every time it rains you notice a damp spot on your ceiling and when it’s not raining, the stain doesn’t seem to go away. The next time you go to clean the floor in that area, you notice that the flooring is starting to stain also.These are the two visible things that you notice and you might even be able to live with. However, the deterioration of anything in the attic or in between the walls and floor are going to be where the true problems lie. All water leaks in your home should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.We’ve all heard the saying,” You can pay me now or pay me later.” The part that’s missing here is that you can pay me today and it won’t cost you as much as it will next year or the year after. Don’t let your home repairs get worse and if you can through regular maintenance, inspect your home annually or semiannually and replace worn-out or damaged house parts before they cause damage to other parts of your house.

How Can an Automotive Business Benefit From Online Display Advertisements?

Display advertisement is considered as one of the most successful advertising strategy on Internet. According to the latest IAB report, online display advertising market represented 37% ($5.5 billion) of the total online advertising market during the first six months of 2011. Among the various forms of online display ads, banner ads constituted for majority of revenue ($3.414 billion) representing 23% of the market.Different forms of online display advertisingOnline display advertising is a form of web marketing where promotional messages in the form of text, logos, audio, video or pictures in static or animated form are displayed on the relevant websites or search engine result pages. These online display advertisements are of 3 forms – banner ads, pop up ads and text ads.Banner ads are the most common types of ads and are similar to the traditional banners, highlighting the business name and giving a small description of the business.Pop-up ads are similar to banner ads in their design, but their placement is different. These ads are not steadily placed and pop-up suddenly, mainly during navigating from one content page to other.Text ads are limited only to text content. They can be easily downloaded and they can be made effective using right keywords.Online display advertising is very helpful for automotive businesses as they are product oriented and this marketing strategy best serves the purpose of quickly engaging the customers. Below are few benefits that assure success of your auto business through this advertising strategy.Attractive display of auto models catches the attention immediately: Display advertising is a perfect strategy to promote your automotive products. A well designed display ad with graphic images (static or animated) of the vehicles and their description in the audio/video form grabs the attention of the viewer immediately. In short, display ads can act as a miniature version of your virtual or traditional showroom showcasing your auto models.Targets the audiences searching for automobiles: Display advertising is targeted and thus, effective in generating leads and creating conversions for your business. An automotive business can target its audience based on behavior, geography and context.In behavioral targeting, your auto business ads appear if the user is searching for auto products or content. Geographical targeting is the best way to make business, as it enables your ads to be displayed when a user browses from your local area. And contextual targeting is a way to display your ads in the websites which are in any way related to auto business (like auto spares retailer, auto new websites, auto forums, etc.). By targeting the right audience you can eliminate wasted impressions.Highly interactive marketing strategy: Display ads are highly interactive and entertaining ways of advertising. Especially, for an automotive business, as it needs an interesting and knowledgeable illustration of the auto models to attract customers. You can be as creative as possible in explaining your automotive business in the limited web space available. Remember, an effective display ad creates brand awareness and affinity for your brand even if the viewer does not click your ad.Can easily track the success of business strategy: Online display advertising gives immediate results. The click through rates and conversions rates help in tracking the effectiveness of a display ad. These ads can be adjusted, improved and replaced immediately based on their performance. Regular tracking of the progress of various ads helps you save time and money spent on the ad and assures success for your marketing strategy.In addition, display advertisements are cost-effective. You can purchase these ads through pay per click or cost per impression. Based on the performance of the ad in generating traffic and ROI, you can increase or decrease the spending on that ad.